AIPM provide trapping services for all rodent and nuisance wildlife pests. When wild animals, small or large, move from their natural habitat into residential homes or the surrounding area in search of food it can in some cases became a dangerous situation.

AIPM has licensed and trained capture specialists and trappers that have over 30 years of combined experience. If you have an unwanted animals roaming in your space that causes you concern, an evaluation needs to be performed before any dangerous accidents happen to determine if trapping is necessary.

  1. Inspection – It is very important to properly identify the rodent or nuisance wildlife pest that is causing your problem and concern. After speaking with you in order to gather as much information as to what you have seen and experienced, the AIPM technician will also search and identify any signs left behind  i.e., greasy rub marks on walls can indicate rat activity; plug marks in grass dictates a skunk has been by, or grass rolled back like a carpet layer rolls out carpeting most often is the work of raccoons in search of grubs.
  2. Plan of Action – Trapping requires licensing, specialization of skills, and years of experience.  All of those come with AIPM.  We offer different trapping packages for all different scenarios specific to your concerns and problem.
  3. Solution – California is one of the strictest States when it comes to the laws surrounding live trapping and what legally can be done with the live trapped animal once caught. AIPM trappers are licensed by the CA Department of Fish and Game.  Larger problems are handled by a team of AIPM experts, always abiding by California Department of Fish and Game regulations.  At AIPM we feel it important to educate the resident in ways to an attempt to help prevent the situation from occurring again.  With over 30 years of trapping experience, your nuisance wildlife control is best left to the experts at AIPM.

Request a Free Trapping Consultation today and let Animal & Insect Pest Management develop a plan to meet your specific needs.