In the pest control industry, safety should be considered as the utmost priority.

Unfortunately, many companies do not make it their number one priority and accidents happen. Here at Animal & Insect Pest Management, Inc. our number one priority is the safety of our homeowners and technicians. We keep up-to-date on constantly changing state and federal pest regulations and are always 100% licensed and bonded. Here is a short list of our licenses:

  • Structural Pest Control Board Company Registration PR# 5460
  • Structural Pest Control Board Operators (OPR) License # 11559
  • Department of Pesticide Regulation Pest Control Business License # 33431
  • Department of Pesticide Regulation Pest Control Advisors (PCA) License # 74409
  • Department of Pesticide Regulation Qualified Applicators License (QAL)#103391
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife Trapping License # 65188

For a COMPLETE list of all AIPM’s Licenses and Insurance Coverages, please feel free to E-MAIL: or CALL 888.344.6567

We also offer you a checklist download to make sure that your pest control company is up to par. Click here to download AIPM’s Due Diligence Checklist.

Here are State and Federal Links that you can use to research a company’s licenses:

California Department of Fish & Game
Structural Pest Control Board
Department of Pesticide Regulation