Pests can get into your home in so many different ways. With exclusion, we install physical barriers to keep them out.

Small entry holes smaller than a quarter in size are a huge welcome mat for rats and mice. Larger holes or trash found in trash containers can attract wild animals. It is more effective to keep pests out to begin with than forcing them out once they have set up camp.

Exclusion can be used to lower the risk of potential infestations for most types of pests.  AIPM will identify locations of risk and explain the most effective exclusion method available. With years of experience and training, our technicians can determine the most unique entrances that would be missed by an untrained eye.  Once the entrances are located exclusions consisting of foam, silicone, copper wool, hardware cloth, spikes, wire, etc. can be performed, preventing the varmints from entering in the first place!

Exclusions is not limited to rats or mice, fencing with hardware cloth properly installed is great for keeping out rabbits or snakes from a yard.

Request a Free Exclusion Consultation today and let Animal & Insect Pest Management develop a plan to meet your specific needs.