Insects can be a pain to live with. They get into your food, invade your space and keep you from enjoying your backyard. They multiply with lightning speed and can be unhealthy to have around.

AIPM creates comprehensive plans of action to keep those pesky insects out of your cupboards.

  1. Inspection – Insects can come in all shapes and sizes.  AIPM technicians use they’re knowledge and experience to identify the ones that ‘bug’ us all.  We determine the origin and inspect surrounding areas to ensure a thorough treatment will be applied.
  2. Plan of Action – Depending on each scenario, AIPM uses our on-staff biologist/Pest Control Advisor and years of experience to determine the best plan of action.  For insects this can include spraying, baiting, broadcasting, dusting, sanitizing problem areas, sealing entry points or applying deterrents.
  3. Solution – With the problems identified and the plan in place, a highly trained and licensed AIPM technician will use the proper application method to safely apply the necessary remedies to free your space of the insects that make us all fidget!

Request a Free Insect Consultation today and let Animal & Insect Pest Management develop a plan to meet your specific needs.