No one likes to hear rats and mice having a party up in their attic, let alone YOUR attic! These creatures multiply faster than you can blink your eyes and soon enough they are in charge of your house.

Prevent this from happening and begin with an extermination plan customized to your needs. Get rid of those mice, rats, gophers, ground squirrels and other pesky rodents.

  1. Inspection – There are hundreds of types of rodents that can take over your yard, home or damage your property.  Different rodents do different damages: gopher make mounds, rats chew through walls or wires, ground squirrels dig large burrows, etc.  Our technicians at AIPM will identify the damage with the pest then offer the best solution for that specific problem.
  2. Plan of Action – Once the pest is identified; there are numerous ways to get rid of the infestation. This can be anything from broadcasting, bait stations, trapping, subterranean treatments, behavior/habitat modification, green techniques, and so on.
  3. Solution – A highly trained and licensed AIPM technician will safely and effectively apply the necessary methods to free your space of the rodents using the knowledge and knowhow from over 30 years of experience.  We can save you from those rodents invading your homes and yards!

Request a Free Rodent Consultation today and let Animal & Insect Pest Management develop a plan to meet your specific needs.