Rodents of all types, including rats and mice, can be especially destructive to homes and properties. Both residential and commercial properties are at risk for rodent infestations. Rats and mice can cause structural damage to properties, as well as spread harmful diseases and destroy food sources. As soon as you detect rodent activity, call a professional at AIPM to inspect the issue, create a plan of action, and implement an effective solution to solve your pest problem!

Types of Rats and Mice

There are a variety of different rodents that can cause damage to property. Knowing the type of rodent that is active in your home or office can help determine a more accurate method of pest control. The following rats and mice are especially common to see invading properties and creating pest control issues:

  • Cotton Rats
  • Deer Mice
  • House Mice
  • Roof Rats
  • Norway Rats

Take a look at the traits and behaviors of each species of rodent in order to determine which type is causing problems on your property!

Common Rodent Facts

There’s a lot to discover about rats and mice, especially in regards to how they can affect your home and property. Take a careful look at these rodent facts to stay well informed about these common household pests.

  • Both rats and mice generally have a lifespan of a year when living in high-quality living spaces, such as around your property
  • Rodents produce a large number of litters during their relatively short lifespans —as much as 10 litters, each with around 5-6 babies
  • Rats and mice are omnivores, meaning that they eat both meat and plant-based food sources. Any food left unsealed is an attractive food source for a rodent
  • Rodents can be a danger to pets by passing along fleas and other contagious diseases, as well as by contaminating pet food supplies
  • The teeth on mice and rats are continuously growing —and continuously chewing. While rodents generally use their teeth in order to make bedding for nests, they can chew through countless different types of materials including wood,
    paper, and piping.

Mice and rats comparison

Rats v Mice, How to Tell the Difference

While there are a number of different types of rats and mice that invade homes and cause damage throughout properties, rats and mice are distinct species with unique characteristics. Both rodents can be found all around the world and have powerful front teeth that can cause significant damage all around your home or building. Rats are larger with a more pronounced overbite and have a bigger body and bigger feet compared to mice. Mice have larger ears compared to their face size.

Rodent Removal

The single best way to remove rodents from your home or property is by calling a trained pest control specialist to accurately handle the issue. By using a combination of different pest control methods and industry experience, pest control professionals can effectively remove pervasive rodent populations. There are also various DIY methods that can be used to combat rodent activity and pest infestations; however, it is generally nowhere near as effective as professional methods would be. Rat traps, peppermint oil, and pepper can help repel rodents, but larger infestations require more than just a little fix. The best thing that property owners can do to protect their homes from rats and mice is preventative pest control techniques, such as sealing food sources and closing all entry holes.

Health and Safety

While a small deer mouse might not seem like a mighty foe, don’t discount rats and mice as only a slight pest control issue. In fact, rodent infestations can pose serious health risks that should be seriously addressed in order to preserve the health and safety of all property inhabitants. Mice can contaminate roughly 10 times the amount of food that they consume and are also common carriers for disease-spreading fleas. If you spot a wild rodent on your property, do not attempt to handle it on your own and risk injury —call a professional to handle the pest and prioritize your health and safety.


Keep your property rodent-free by calling AIPM for a pest infestation intervention. AIPM pest control specialists possess in-depth knowledge about how to best handle a current rodent infestation and prevent other rat and mice infestations from occurring. Get the pest control assistance you require, today!