Birds are a number one carrier of disease. They leave their droppings in undesirable places like play areas, sidewalks and rooftops.

If not controlled, they could become a large nuisance. When you get AIPM on the job, you can expect fast and efficient results… GUARANTEED! Eliminate those pigeons, woodpeckers, crows and other pesky winged creatures.

  1. Inspection – Many different species of birds exist. Each type of bird brings different problems to the forefront.  Various bird species leave different signs i.e., droppings, mud nests, or holes, etc. AIPM can identify what type of bird and offer the appropriate techniques for removal and solutions to prevent them from taking over your home or property.
  2. Plan of Action – After identifying the type of bird, we look at the various methods of control and determine the best solution that will remove the birds and give you relief.  Some of those methods include: physical removal using live trapping; exclusion methods using netting or bird spikes; and behavioral modification by applying gels or shock track where the birds land.  These solutions are green and will not harm the bird.
  3. Treatment – Your bird problems will be handled by a highly trained and licensed AIPM technician who will safely and effectively apply or install the necessary means to keep the birds away.  Let us help you keep those pesky birds from making your home their home.

Request a Free Bird Consultation today and let Animal & Insect Pest Management develop a plan to meet your specific needs.