Education plays an essential roll at AIPM ensuring the most cutting edge solutions for our clients.

AIPM is owned and operated by University graduates who majored in Biology and Pest Management with an emphasis on Animal Damage Management.

All of our technicians are state certified Pesticide Applicators, state licensed in trapping and extensively trained in pest I.D., damage recognition, management methods, and safety.  In addition, we develop state of the art precision programs to ensure that the most humane and ecologically sound methods are used.

Our clients include over 450 homeowner associations, golf courses, universities, military bases and a variety of federal, state and local governmental agencies.  Additional municipalities include parks, highways, schools, water districts, ports, institutional grounds, and airports.

Our Approach

  • Fast and accurate pest identification.
  • Assessment of existing and potential damage.
  • Survey for conditions attracting the pest.
  • Survey of all on-site environmental factors.
  • Development of integrated pest management procedures.
  • Implementation of precision pest management procedures.
  • Monitoring of program effectiveness.
  • Implementation of a precision pest maintenance program to prevent re-infestation problems.