To effectively keep your home pest free, you need a comprehensive plan that is ongoing.

For over 30 years AIPM has been inspecting, diagnosing and providing solutions to eliminate pests. AIPM uses an all-inclusive method that begins with a thorough inspection. There are no cookie-cutter solutions because each location is different and always presents different challenges. All solutions are custom to each job providing the fastest, most effective way to get rid of the pests.

During the inspection a highly-qualified, licensed AIPM technician will assess your property, looking for signs of activity, pest entry points and places of risk. The technician works with you to make the most thorough assessment of your property. After the inspection, a diagnosis of the situation is made.

Once the exact problem is known, AIPM implements a custom plan of action which may include sanitation, habitat modification, exclusion, and chemical or biological solutions to eliminate the pests that are invading your home or landscaping.